16 February

linkedin keyword optimisation-melodychristie.com

Keywords, keywords, keywords

This is essentially a list of keywords and key phrases that apply to you.

Although Recruiters and Hiring Managers don’t have the time to read your entire profile, they are certainly searching for suitable keywords to determine if you’re a good match for the role they’re working on. What you should do is figure out what keywords describe you and your skills, what variations of keywords Recruiters use when searching for someone with your expertise and then take these keywords and scatter them throughout various sections of your profile including your summary, specialties, job title, career history and personal interests.

For example, if you are a website designer / developer, you should consider including the following :

  • Website Design
  • WordPress Websites
  • WordPress Theme Customisation
  • Custom Web Design

Don’t go crazy with the keywords and just jam them into your profile.. LinkedIn’s Search Algorithm is not a fan of ‘crazy’ – Just stick to what is true & what you really know 🙂

To help generate ideas, and see what eopel are searching for (albeit on Google) you can try the Google Keyword Planner: https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner



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